# File lib/sparklines.rb, line 348
  def pie
    diameter = @options[:diameter].to_f
    background_color = @options[:background_color]

    create_canvas(diameter, diameter, background_color)

    share_color = @options[:share_color]
    remain_color = @options[:remain_color]
    percent = @norm_data[0]

    # Adjust the radius so there's some edge left in the pie
    r = diameter/2.0 - 2
    @draw.ellipse(r + 2, r + 2, r , r , 0, 360)

    # Special exceptions
    if percent == 0
      # For 0% return blank
      return @canvas
    elsif percent == 100
      # For 100% just draw a full circle
      @draw.ellipse(r + 2, r + 2, r , r , 0, 360)
      return @canvas

    # Okay, this part is as confusing as hell, so pay attention:
    # This line determines the horizontal portion of the point on the circle where the X-Axis
    # should end.  It's caculated by taking the center of the on-image circle and adding that
    # to the radius multiplied by the formula for determinig the point on a unit circle that a
    # angle corresponds to.  3.6 * percent gives us that angle, but it's in degrees, so we need to
    # convert, hence the muliplication by Pi over 180
    arc_end_x = r + 2 + (r * Math.cos((3.6 * percent)*(Math::PI/180)))

    # The same goes for here, except it's the vertical point instead of the horizontal one
    arc_end_y = r + 2 + (r * Math.sin((3.6 * percent)*(Math::PI/180)))

    # Because the SVG path format is seriously screwy, we need to set the large-arc-flag to 1
    # if the angle of an arc is greater than 180 degrees.  I have no idea why this is, but it is.
    percent > 50? large_arc_flag = 1: large_arc_flag = 0

    # This is also confusing
    # M tells us to move to an absolute point on the image.  We're moving to the center of the pie
    # h tells us to move to a relative point.  We're moving to the right edge of the circle.
    # A tells us to start an absolute elliptical arc.  The first two values are the radii of the ellipse
    # the third value is the x-axis-rotation (how to rotate the ellipse if we wanted to [could have some fun
    # with randomizing that maybe), the fourth value is our large-arc-flag, the fifth is the sweep-flag,
    # (again, confusing), the sixth and seventh values are the end point of the arc which we calculated previously
    # More info on the SVG path string format at: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/paths.html
    path = "M#{r + 2},#{r + 2} h#{r} A#{r},#{r} 0 #{large_arc_flag},1 #{arc_end_x},#{arc_end_y} z"